April 14, 2014

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Welcome to the Home of the
Mansfield Township Ambulance Corps.

We Provide EMS Service to the Citizens of
Mansfield Township,
Chesterfield Township
Wrightstown Borough, New Jersey

Mansfield Township highlighted in Burlington County, New Jersey
Chesterfield Township highlighted in Burlington County, New Jersey
Wrightstown Borough highlighted in Burlington County, New Jersey

It is with Deep Regret that we Announce the Passing of
Dick Archer, Past Chief and Administrator of
Mansfield Township Ambulance Corps.,
Past President of the Burlington County First Aid Council,
and One of the First Paramedics in the
State of New Jersey and Burlington County.
Our Thoughts and Prayers are with his
Family, Friends, and Coworkers.


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Breaking News:

New Jersey OEMS Launches Intranasal Naloxone (Narcan®) Administration Program For Basic Life Support Providers
In an effort to reduce the burden associated with opioid overdose in the community, the New Jersey Department of Health Office of Emergency Medical Services has issued waiver number 14-8:40A-10.1/8:41A-5.1-004 granting relief from the provision(s) NJAC 8:40A - 10.1 Scope of Practice and N.J.A.C. 8:41A - 5.1 Scope of Practice.

This waiver was granted in accordance with Public Law 2013, Chapter 46, known as the "Overdose Prevention Act".  It applies to all certified New Jersey EMTs and Paramedics authorizing them to administer Naloxone (Narcan®) to individuals experiencing, or believed to be experiencing, opioid overdose to prevent fatality often associated with an opioid overdose.

For more information on the Naloxone  (Narcan®) 
program, visit:  www.state.nj.us/health/ems and click on the Naloxone (Narcan®) Program tab.

New Jersey Officers Armed to Combat Heroin Overdoses
Police throughout Ocean and Monmouth Counties soon will be armed with a drug that can save heroin users from fatal overdose, launching a program officials hope will be adopted statewide in New Jersey.

EMT, Dubbed the "Burger King Baby," Finds Birth Mom
A woman who, as a newborn, was abandoned in the bathroom of a Pennsylvania fast-food restaurant said she has found her birth mother just three weeks after launching a search that garnered worldwide attention, and as her mother prepared to look for her.

Ferno Introduces Revolutionary Patient Transport & Loading System
Just as the space shuttle revolutionized and simplified complex space travel and payload delivery to the International Space Station, the new Ferno iN∫X Integrated Patient Transport and Loading System, introduced to the EMS market this month, stands to revolutionize the way EMS crews secure, transfer and load patients in the field.

Philadelphia Mayor and Firefighters Grapple Over 1-and-1 Staffing Plan
The Philadelphia Civil Service Commission recently heard a pitch on how the Nutter administration plans to make staffing changes to ambulance runs - but not without resistance from the union that represents the city's firefighters and paramedics.

Ambulance Chassis Shortage Predicted Throughout 2014
Both Ford and GM, the primary producers of chassis for our industry, will be producing fewer chassis for ambulance production in calendar year 2014

FAA Issues New Ruling for Helicopter EMS
Federal Aviation Administration has issued a rule called: Helicopter Air Ambulance, Commercial Helicopter, and Part 91 Helicopter Operations.

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